The Wristwatch is an item in the game that should never be taken.

Role in the Game

The wristwatch can be found in the Dark Maze on the 5th Floor. If the player takes the Wristwatch and walks away from its original location, Viola will drop the Glowing Bottle and then be hanged by a mysterious noose that drops from the ceiling, resulting in her death.

If one checks the inventory after taking it, Viola's profile picture changes with her eyes missing, her hair black, her skin red, and her mouth twisted into a creepy grin.

Selecting the item in the inventory does nothing, but its descriptive text reads "DIE."


Players who talk to the Elder Tree will receive this advice; "Do not disturb the keeper of time.". This also references to the Grandfather Clock in the Yellow Flowers' Room, as selecting the option to touch the clock when the player observes it will make it tip over and crush Viola to death mid-sentence.
The Witch's House Secrets Dark Viola

The Witch's House Secrets Dark Viola

  • Viola also becomes dark and twisted if she checks her profile while while leaving the room without the Glowing Bottle.
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