The Woman Statue is located on the 4th Floor in its own room. To go to the 5th Floor, she will ask Viola to find her missing ring. If Viola pries open the door then her head will snap off as she makes her way up the stairs. When the player returns to her room after returning the key, she will be found on the floor, having been knocked over.


A posed, marble statue of a full-bodied woman. She wears a long gown with a split to reveal her entire leg and has long flowing hair. Her arms are posed up with her palms open. In the Witch's House MV, the gown is covering her legs and she only has one finger raised.


  • After finding the statue knocked over on the floor, upon returning to the stairway, it is visible sitting up to reach out for you.
  • In Version 1.07, the statue will be smeared will blood after falling to the floor.
  • Also in Version 1.07, the player dies not by prying the door open, but by ignoring her. The door is not locked at first. If the player tries to open it without speaking to her, she will ask if they are ignoring her and then your head will spin off.

After the player first talks to her, the door will be locked, and prying it open will not be an option.

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