". . . Can I eat it?"
―The house asking if she can eat the first victim. (The Librarian)

The Witch House is home to Ellen. Her parents remains are also there but they're locked in the cells on the 5th floor. Not much is known to people other than it's located deep in the forest. The dark magic within is very powerful and dangerous to anyone who is not welcome into the home. The only human who can come into the house without dying is Viola.


It's not known when the house was built, but the Witch House is very old and strange. It has existed in the deep forest for centuries.

The only person who can control the power of the house is its owner, the witch. Before Ellen, another unnamed witch lived here as her predecessor. Her wish was to be able to stay in the house forever, which she did. She became a part of the house, she is the one that makes the house alive and have its own will.

When Ellen arrives she inhabits the house for centuries, luring many people to their deaths in the house. When Ellen switched bodies with Viola, she gains some degree of control over the house which she uses to set up traps to prevent Ellen from escaping with her body.

The House

The house building looks like a typical old haunted mansion.

The house has a will of its own and with permission of the owner it eats people regardless if they entered without permission or were fooled to enter.

When Ellen just moved in there she heard the laugh of another girl in the house, that being the house itself. The house's will takes a spirit form that looks like it's master, so it looks like a ghostly Ellen.

The will of the house always knows its true owner that's why it helps Ellen escape by appearing in key places and showing various hints, after Viola set up many traps in the house when she got the witch's old body. An example of a hint the house gave is when you have obtained the Red Shoes, when you exit the cell you can see a headless girl walking away, that being the house warning you of what will happen if you wear the Red Shoes.

In game

In game the house's will is the one leaving the player notes and hints, as a quote from Ellen in the True End: "The house guided me all the way to ensure I'll escape."

The will of the house is also the one that saves you from a black creature in the dark hallway. In Extra mode you have to run to the light for her to save you.

After the player has escaped the house, if they try to "enter" again they will see the house's will waving goodbye with one eye closed.

You can see the house's will appear in the game in many places, such as:

  • When you walk up the stairs to the 2nd floor you can see her walk up the stairs.
  • After you let the frog pull the lever you can see her.
  • You can see her sitting on a sofa on the 4th floor.
  • Also once you exit a room on the 4th floor you can see her.
  • Sitting on the bench on the 5th floor.
  • In the dark maze.
  • When you're getting the cute little bottle she will show you which shelf has it.


  • It’s rumored to be haunted by the many people who have disappeared and presumably died in there, sometimes the doors slam shut or suddenly open, and windows will open and close.
  • In the mobile version, the house looks different: See picture to the right:
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