Viola's Dad (Travis)
Illustration on the game's website.
biological information
Age middle-aged
Species Human
Gender Male
physical attributes
Eye Color Brown[1]
Hair Color Light brown
Relatives Viola (Daughter)
Unnamed wife (Deceased)
"Don’t go too deep into the forest."
―Viola's Dad, to his daughter

Viola's dad (ヴィオラの父 Vūiora no chichi) is a non-playable character in The Witch's House


Viola's father is a tall, muscular middle-aged man with spiky light brown hair and brown eyes. He has thin facial hair around his chin [2]. He wears a white sleeveless shirt adorned with a yellow scarf, red trousers, and dark-colored wristbands and leather boots.


Viola's father works as a hunter who often goes into the Witch's Forest to hunt. At some point, he married and fathered a daughter named Viola. A cute girl he loves. When Viola was still very young, his wife passed away, leaving his daughter to assume a motherly role at an early age. Regardless, the two supported each other constantly and led a fairly happy life. This event had also led Travis to become over-protective toward his only daughter, constantly telling her not to go into the forest in memory of an old legend saying that a witch who kidnaps children lives there. Viola though is not a big fan of him being too over-protecting.


The Diary of Ellen

Viola's father is first introduced in the fourth chapter who would constantly warn Viola to stay away from the forest, but without giving her any particular reason behind his warnings. This lead the curious 13-year old girl to reluctantly venture into the forest and meet secretly with her new friend, Ellen. While Travis was oblivious of this, he eventually grew suspicious of his daughter's recent habit of coming home late.

The Witch's House

Early on in the game, Viola finds a letter in her belongings from her dad, telling her to stay out of the forest and to beware of the witch living in there.

He appears in the forest at the end of the game after Viola escapes and shoots the Legless Girl, unaware that she is his real daughter.


  • His true name is not mentioned in-game and he is only referred to as Viola's father, but his image file on the game's website reveals that his name is supposed to be Travis (トラビス Torabisu) [3].


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