Hey there, it's been a while since any of us have edited here. It came to my attention that The Witch's House was recently updated to 1.08 and was done so 'silently'. There wasn't an update post on vgperson's blog all about it yet the latest version has already been translated so I wondered what was up. It took a few weeks for me to directly ask vgperson on her Tumblr the following question:

Question: "I've noticed that version The Witch's House was recently updated to 1.08, there was no announcement here so I was wondering what got changed?"

vgperson: "The RTP no longer needs to be installed, the item window was modified, the bug of needing to choose End Game twice to quit was fixed, and the final chase got minor changes - there’s slightly more delay before she follows you through most doors, and I think it’s more thorough or something about having her come out of the door you just went through, no matter what path you take. That’s it."

So that's about it, just some minor updates to making the game run a bit better (finally fixing that End Game bug) and making the final chase scene somewhat easier than before. There may still be a few more subtle differences in gameplay that the translator wouldn't be aware of, so it's best that we start playing the latest version again in case anything else has changed.

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