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    After months of getting discouraged by the soft-locking issue, I just realized today that I could try to delete "common.rpgsave" and it worked. I was hesitant to look up anything related to that mode since I wanted to solve the puzzles myself. (The mirror room reflection was the only part I got held back on.)

    And wow, I am fascinated by all the little details such as the flashbacks and the new diary entries that describe the events that occur in The Diary of Ellen book. But what I'm most fascinated about in the end is when you last speak to the cat on the bench, a ghostly figure of Ellen appears sitting next to him and the cat says "See? Looks like she feels the same."

    And then when you finally escape, you can interact with the house again a…

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    Earlier today, Fummy just uploaded a video showing called "VRoid Studio - Viola (The Witch's House) Test" showing off a 3D model of Viola made in Vroid Studio. While I don't think this means anything other than testing, according to the title, I still think it looks nice. (Vroid is a nice free 3D character creator made by Pixiv and surprisingly powerful.) Here's the video:

    Also, there are links in the description to the Kindle Edition of The Diary of Ellen, which apparently has a bonus chapter called “A Black Cat’s Monologue” and has a few more illustrations according to Fummy in response to one of the comments of the video.

    Here are the links: (EN) (JP)

    Here's some mo…

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    The Witch's House is getting an HD remaster released on Steam with the RPG Maker MV engine.

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    To Do List

    November 4, 2017 by Frostyflytrap
    1. Make the wiki reasonably spoiler-free.
    2. Search for download links of older versions that came out before 1.06.
    3. Inspect version 1.08 for any new changes that may have gone unnoticed by Vgperson. (Such as the Hall of Distraction getting fixed)
    4. Fix some of the minor character pages. (Woman Statue)
    5. Complete articles for all the Items.
    6. Add some new Wiki achivements.
    7. Add more info on the The Diary of Ellen (manga) once that gets fully released.
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    Hey there, it's been a while since any of us have edited here. It came to my attention that The Witch's House was recently updated to 1.08 and was done so 'silently'. There wasn't an update post on vgperson's blog all about it yet the latest version has already been translated so I wondered what was up. It took a few weeks for me to directly ask vgperson on her Tumblr the following question:

    Question: "I've noticed that version The Witch's House was recently updated to 1.08, there was no announcement here so I was wondering what got changed?"

    vgperson: "The RTP no longer needs to be installed, the item window was modified, the bug of needing to choose End Game twice to quit was fixed, and the final chase got minor changes - there’s slightly m…

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