Hey guys, since Miner is at college (and soon will I be), I won't be online as much but not to the point to where I'm unavailable. I'll be on every now and then, grammatical checking and what not so yeah.....

What I really wanted to get across was that I wrote my own fanfiction of the Witch's House. Now I know what you guys might be thinking (shameful advertising), but I am making this a good passtime for you contributors who have been supporting this wiki (among various others). I know this may seem out of place as a minuscule user on this wiki but I just want to the contributors something to read (totally optional).

The link to my fanfiction is below, while you don't have to read it, it would mean a lot to me if you would get along to reading it and (if possible) leave a review cause I want to know what people think. (just as much as anyone else, I got traumatized by that ending and book to the point where I feel I can make things better, not only for me but for other fans of the game and novella as well).

Now I know it will be a slight AU, maybe some new characters that I need to elaborate upon, the overall story remains almost exactly the same so that's a plus as I do try my hardest to stay canon as possible. The fanfiction is called the Witch and the Executioner and it is six chapters in. I plan on updating it hopefully soon, but how soon is another story (let's just say I'm working on the future chapter right now) be sure to check in regularly (I'll update you in the comments).

Peace out:

The Fanfiction:

Before you ask, yes I'm a guy. A guy can write like this so what :P

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