aka Elik

  • I live in Sweden, I can speak swedish and english
  • I was born on May 26
  • My occupation is Idk, but the most swäg anime character I have seen is Killua from Hunter X Hunter :3
  • I am A Gril, I am not intrested in any gender though.

I won't say my name but call me Elik!

I am a girl who just loves (see list below). VVV

I wanna help this dead Wiki to become as good as it can!

If you wanna chat with me on instagram then go to... v

I have more accounts but ask me about them on my instagram, if you don't have instagram then just type in my message wall. I will check it some times. But not all the time, just some.

Info about me

I love creeping people out, it's fun to see their reaction.

I love gory/bloody and/or anime involving super powers, That's my favorite kind!

I am shy around people I don't know so much, but not around people that I know really well or strangers.

I am 158 cm and that is quite short for my age.

I live in swedish and I can speak swedish & english, then I am learning german.

My favorite series/anime/manga/games and favorite character(s) from that serie:

In order starting from favorite:

May change in the future

Out of the Wiki's I have only helped this one and corpse party. The others are that I either don't really wanna help or don't know as much about. I can also think they're good enough...

Things I like and some fun fact about it.

  • Cats :3 I cry everytime something has something including cats.
  • Japanese, I am trying to learn home, I know over 100 words :D
  • Manga, I don't read often but still got a huge list of what I want to read.
  • Anime, I don't know a good website to watch anime on :(
  • Swimming, I don't know how to swim but love it.
  • Biting my nails, their super short and people hate it.
  • Playing games, I only like it when I am the best at it, otherwise I ragequit.
  • Eating snacks & sweets, I don't know how I am not fat yet.
  • Chocolate covered cheese balls (they're called Choco cheese) they are delicious but a lot of people hate them
  • Salted Caramel Cheese Cake, I love it but once again people dislike it.
  • Popcorn flavoured corn cookie, just salty and a delicacy




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One day this account will die. If you have any questions on that then text me on instagram or on my message wall.
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