Viola's official portrayal by Fummy
biological information
Age 13
Species Human
Gender Female
physical attributes
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Blonde
Relatives Father
"Then a girl came to play. A cute girl with golden braids..."
―The Witch's Diary

Viola[1] is one of the main characters in The Witch's House. A young kind-hearted girl who is betrayed and tricked by a witch into switching bodies with her. Confined to a new body filled with excruciating pain, Viola attempts to trap Ellen back into the house with her newfound magical powers in hopes of regaining her original body back.


Forest Encounter

"At the end of the path was a great mansion. I felt like I really had been taken to a world of dreams."
―Viola's first thoughts stumbling upon the witch's house

Born in a rural village, Viola lives alone with her father and often played in the forest near her home. On a hot summer afternoon, Viola neglected her father's usual warning to not veer too deep into the forest, walking much farther than she normally did. After growing tired, she rested on a fallen tree trunk, gazing fondly at the little white viola flowers growing around the tree. Viola felt her eyes droop shut at the calm, pleasant breeze blowing at her hair until she heard a rustling sound coming from the thicket behind her. Nearly leaping up in surprise, the young girl turned to the noise, breaking into cold sweat at the possibility it could be a beast, her father's warning filling her head. When a cat had come out the thick bushes, Viola let out a deep sigh and laughed at her silliness at thinking there was a beast in such a shallow forest.

The village girl squatted and beckoned the cat closer, but when it had turn its back to her and disappeared into the bush, she hurried to her feet and thought the cat was running away from her. After the cat turned back around to meow at her, she realized that it wanted her to follow it as strange as it seemed. Viola stepped into the thicket after the mysterious cat, ignoring feeling that she might be going deeper into the forest and hesitated for only a moment since she did not want to lose sight of the black cat. The girl walked behind the cat on a path and came upon an open area with a little flower garden. Delighted upon seeing more flowers, Viola knelt down and picked up a flower before the cat began meowing at her again. When she looked up she spotted the cat sitting between a gap in the trees, noticing that the path seemed to go on. Before Viola could stand up, the cat went deeper into the forest and Viola hurried to her feet. Although reluctant to leave the flower garden, she followed after it as it went between the trees.

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Viola coming upon the secluded mansion

Viola ended up stumbling upon a path adorned by all kinds of flowers and a great garden with teeming red roses, a great mansion at the end of the path. Viola astonished and amazed by the house, followed the cat up to the mansion, feeling like she had been taken to a world of dreams. When the black cat had slid through the front door, Viola entered after it, feeling like she had been invited in by the cat itself. She called a greeting out timidly but heard no response as she took a step into the dark house. A shadow suddenly crossed her vision and the young girl jumped with her body stiffening in surprise. When she saw it was just the black cat, she sighed and asked it not to scare her like that. The cat simply looked her in the eye and swung its tail teasingly before proceeding down a passage. Viola followed after it once again, passing through numerous rooms and walking through a kitchen with a heated pot boiling yet she spied no one around. Finding it strange, she followed after the cat up some stairs and came upon a single door at the end of a long hallway. After the cat sat down by the door and stared at her, Viola felt like the cat was propping her to open the door, sensing someone was waiting for her behind the door. With unease, Viola turned the doorknob and opened the door.[2]

Role in the Game

Prior to the game's setting, Viola is tricked into switching bodies with the sickly Ellen for what she had thought to be only for a day. Unknown to the player, Viola is the non-playable "witch" and legless girl in the game who is perceived to bear the character ill harm. She's seen roaming the halls, sitting alongside the black cat on a bench and occasionally appearing in mirrors as the reflection of Ellen before the glass shatters. Her manner mysterious and ambiguous, with her presence leaving as quickly as it had come. At some point, Viola manifests in front of Ellen and protects her body from an incoming deathly threat. Towards the end of the game, Viola chases the player the house attempting to regain her body back, causing a Game Over sequence if the player is caught. In both endings of the game, Viola is shot by her father.


"She was sure to hear out my wish. Because she was so kind. Because she was so trusting."
―Another excerpt from Ellen's diary regarding Viola's sweet nature.

Viola was a kind-hearted and selfless person, caring deeply for her father and friends. She felt sorry for Ellen's deathly condition, wanting to help her even willing to go as far as to trade bodies for a day.

Skills and Abilities

"My mother had passed early in my life, so it was up to me to prepare dinner."


"Your hair's sparkly like the sun, and your eyes are like glossy leaves. It's so pretty."
―Ellen complimenting Viola's looks

In her own body, Viola was described as being a cute young thirteen year-old girl with fair skin and a slender frame. She has golden blond hair tied into two small braids and green eyes. Her attire consists of a pair of brown leather boots under a distinctively large, sleeveless navy blue dress with a purple stripe at the bottom; worn with a white pinafore over the top and a large white bow tied on the back. Viola is often depicted having a melancholic expression, especially after Ellen took her body, which contrasts greatly with her kind personality.

Her appearance changes when she switches bodies with Ellen, leaving her with the other girl's appearance during the entirety of the game. As a result of Ellen's self-mutilation, she appears as a legless girl with her eyes gouged out.



Her father:

Black Cat:


  • Viola shows herself in numerous glasses and mirrors while in the witch's body, possibly in an attempt to make Ellen reflect on her betrayal.



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