The Toy Soldier is a hazardous object found in the 4th Floor hallway.

Toy Soldier in-game. Left: Normal Mode Right: Extra Mode


The Toy Soldier is a large scale model wearing clothing of red, yellow, white and black. It is also carrying a fake gun designed like an old fashioned shotgun. In Extra Mode, the soldier's face is dull grey, its eyes are black with red irises, and its teeth are showing, making it look like a zombie.

Game Information

The Toy Soldier will only interact with Viola while trying to solve the Music Box Puzzle. If she turns on the music box without the Queen Key or if she inserts the King Key into the music box, then enters the hallway while the music box is still playing, the soldier will stand in front of the door and aim his gun at Viola shooting her instantly. Only when she uses the Queen Key on the music box will the soldier not react.

After making sound in four rooms, on the way to the Piano Room, the soldiers legs will bend. If the player goes to the Black Cat when the fireplace to the 1st Floor is revealed in the Piano Room, the soldiers head will bend. Once Viola looks inside the fireplace, the soldier will move right next to her. Fortunately, he's harmless.

In Extra Mode, the Toy Soldier becomes more threatening as it replaces the Black-haired Painting as the 4th Floor's pursuer. You will first have to use the Soldier Key on the music box to make the Toy Soldier move out of the corner. He will aim at Viola, but he won't shoot. You need to then use the key on the Toy Soldiers back, then Viola can control the soldier by turning the key and having him fire at a locked door to break it. Afterwards, the soldier will disappear.

When trying to pull out the Music Sheet from the wall, the Toy Soldier will appear again, this time chasing after Viola, who has to leave the room from the left while trying to avoid stepping on rotten pumpkin mush (Which will slow her down), then she simply has to enter one of the other rooms from the hallway, then the Toy Soldier will disappear again.

The Toy Soldier will appear again once all eyes have been returned. The Toy Soldier can be seen sitting up against the wall, only now he's a rotting skeleton. He will move to where Viola is once she looks in the fireplace, but he'll remain harmless.


  • While using the key to move the soldier, you can have him fire in the wrong direction, once you fire at the door, interacting with the cat will have him ask, "Didja really have to fire *Number of times fired* times?"
    • If you attempt to fire in the wrong direction eleven times, the soldier will turn around and shoot Viola.
  • Once you have shot the door and talk to the cat he will say "Yikes, that's unsafe."
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