• Should I add in the cat Favicon and close the poll?

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    • Almost 40 have voted so far~ >3>

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    • Well, you are the head admin here, so go ahead with the wiki's appearance.

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    • MinerofSkies
      MinerofSkies removed this reply because:
      On demand.
      20:37, July 28, 2014
      This reply has been removed
    • Hey there Miner, um what time are you usually available? (So that we can come to chat sometimes.)

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    • Or you can use this:

      How many hours at you away from GMT?

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    • I'm in Eastern time zone (EST) I think we're like four of hours apart o3o

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    • Well, I didn't say I'm in the GMT time zone, so yeah...

      We're 12 hours apart then...

      Anyway, may I ask if it was you who made everyone admin here? The big contributors. You seem to be the only beurocrat here(aside from the founder) and it's most likely you who made me adim, thanks.

      Although that account is now going to be disabled for safety reasons, I did try to promote this account into an admin, but I could only promote myself to chat mod. So I guess I'm gonna need another few hundred edits to become an admin again. :|

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    • Actually, a few contributors suggested that I promote another person to the admin position. Since you and Blaze had been quite helpful to me since I started out (even before I became an admin), I decided to promote you both. : )

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    • A FANDOM user
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