This page contains the walkthrough for the extra difficulty mode of The Witch's House MV. This difficulty mode is unlocked after reaching the true ending, and features new puzzles, additional ways to die, and additional scenes and information about the Witch herself.

Most of the details covering the puzzles were taken from Steam user Online's guide. here.

The Witch's Forest: Finding the Machete

Viola will wake up and then will have a letter received from her dad. Going to the southern area with the large magic roses will reveal a secret passage. This time, however, nothing is hidden at the end of the passage. Instead, the machete is now placed inside of the log next to the starting point, as hinted by the Black Cat.

Much like in the Original/Normal/Easy mode, Viola cannot cut the disturbingly large patch of roses. In fact, using the machete on them will now trigger a game over. Thus, as usual, go in front of the small patch of roses and use the machete. You will cut the roses and your machete will break.

With the path now clear, go north and talk to the black cat (and exhaust its dialogue) to save your game*. Go inside of the Witch's House to proceed.

*Interacting with the cat no longer causes the house's door to open on its own as in the other versions.

The Witch's House Floor One


Once you enter the house, enter the northern room and read the note while avoiding to step on the blood (which now covers a larger area than the other versions). Exit the room cautiously to proceed to the main area. The black cat will be present to save your game.


Walk to the eastern room and you will see a corridor. Go to the Northeast room and get the teddy bear from the piles of presents.You may read the diary, now titled "The Story of a Sick Girl," but it will have minimal impact on your progression. You will see a closet but it says "OPENS WHEN THE HOUSE RETURNS TO NORMAL".

Exit and return to the room where the Black Cat resides. Go to your left. Using the chained scissors on the workbench, cut the teddy bear's limbs. The room will also contain a bloodied drawer, but this will be relevant later. Go back to the corridor and to the southeastern room. You will see a note "..... IN THE BASKET," and a basket containing one teddy bear. Put the remaining part of the teddy bear you found in the basket.

Go back to the room where the Black Cat is. You will then see a giant teddy bear running for you. Unlike the other versions, simply going back to the corridor will not suffice as the giant teddy bear will still pursue you. In order to get it to stop following you, quickly head to the northeastern room with the presents and diary (the southeastern room with the basket of bears is a dead end). Once the coast is clear, go to the room with the scissors to proceed to the next area. The teddy bear limbs will not drop from the ceiling this time, and you will instead find bloody limbs in the bloodied drawers.


The next area leads to the Dining Room. There can be a note found on the dining table that reads "... POISON," and a plate with a silver cover. Do not remove the cover, or you will trigger a game over screen. Go into the northeast room, interacting with the note which reads "... ... IS BUSY. ... A HAND" beforehand. You will be lead to a the kitchen where an invisible man resides. He is the Cook. Lend the Cook the bloody limbs in your inventory. Be ready to escape as he will chase you with a knife, dissatisfied with your offer and opting to take your limbs instead. Run to the scissors room to lose him. The Cook will return to the kitchen, knocking the silver cover off the plate (revealing the skull-shaped bowl of soup, now riddled with harmful maggots) and a few surrounding chairs. Reentering the kitchen then will trigger a game over. In order to proceed, return to the dining room and search the toppled chair on the right to obtain the silver key. Searching the left chair will trigger a game over. Use the silver key on the strangely colored soup and watch it change color. This will unlock the door to the second floor stairway through the kitchen, which is now safe to enter.

The Witch's House Floor Two: Free the Butterfly

Go to the first door you see, and search the barrels on the right. You will find a ball of yarn. Read the note on the left. You will learn that a spider resides in the room, and that it is is colorblind. DO NOT pick up the yellow butterfly from the giant web yet, or you will trigger a game over screen.

Exit the room, then go to the knight statue and interact with the black cat to save your game. Go to the southwest room. You will find two rows of glass cases containing insect models. The bottom row consists of a locked glass case containing a butterfly model and a human skull. The room also appears to contain a painting of a cat playing with some rope, a painting of a lady with a parasol, and bookshelf containing blue books (instead of the usual red) that is missing one book. Interact with the cat painting and exchange your ball of yarn for its rope. Note that exploring the room will cause the human skull to break its glass cover. Do not interact with it, or you will trigger a game over.

Return to the hallway and go to the northwest room. It is a library. Go to your right and you will find an invisible boy looking for something to bind books. Give him the rope, and he will reward you with the Book of Death. DO NOT READ THE BOOK. The library also contains various books as well as a newspaper clip to read. Reading "A Funny Story" in this mode will now, however, trigger a game over.

Return to the room with the glass cases. Note that returning the Book of Death (a red book) to the bookshelf containing blue books will cause it to fall on you, triggering a game over. Interact with the empty cupboard next to the cat painting. There will be a note that reads "SOMEWHERE IN THIS ROOM," indicating that there is another bookshelf hidden in the room. Search the walls on the right side of cupboard to reveal a secret passage leading to a separate room, where a bookshelf containing red books (and vacant spot) can be found. Use the Book of Death on the bookshelf. Select "Don't Read," and you will be given the option to place the book on the shelf. Exit the room. On your way back, a small red skull will be chasing you. Evade it by going back to the bookshelf with the blue books (at the bottom-right), looping around it, and turning back. **Make sure to start looping BEHIND the bookshelf and back at the front, as starting in front of it will cause it to fall on you.** Once the coast is clear, return to the room and interact with the glass cover, now unlocked, to retrieve Butterfly Model.

Return to the spider's room. Retrieve the living Butterfly and place the Butterfly Model on the spider web. Quickly exit the room, as the spider will give chase. Returning to its room at any point in the game will lead to a game over.

Once in the hallway, the Butterfly will fly away and the door to the next floor will unlock.

The Witch's House Floor Three


You will be on a passage where the knives are flying. Unlike the other difficulty modes, the knives do not fly at a set pattern and instead target you directly. Avoid the knives then successfully get out of the room. Alternatively, you can use the hidden path found in the bottom-left side of the previous room to avoid the knives altogether. The black cat will be waiting for you on the other side.

Enter the room on the left. There will be a frog in a pool of water with a note that reads "DO YOU ... FROGS?" Interact with the Frog and nod to it. It will come to you. Go out then to the southern part of the 3rd floor. You will see a thin bridge and a lever. Flip the lever using the frog. After it is done, the room on the right will unlock.


You will find yourself in an area with two nearly mirrored rooms, with a note on the wall that reads " ... A MIRROR ..." Here are the steps to make the two rooms mirror imaged:

  1. Sit the Frog in the middle chair of the left room.
  2. Get a piece of chocolate cake from the cabinet and set it on the right room's table. Rotate the cake twice such that it mirrors the left room's cake.
  3. Get a fork from the left room's cupboard and place it on the right room's table, next to the strawberry shortcake.
  4. Rearrange the canned sweets in the right room's cupboard twice.
  5. Push the potted plant to left room's table.
  6. Flip the switch on the right painting once. You will get a picture of two ladies by the river.
  7. Interact with the left painting until you have the option to listen to the woman in the picture. She will lament that her partner is currently visiting a different painting. Backtrack to the second floor and enter the room with the glass cases, where you will find a similar looking painting. Talk to one of the ladies in this painting to have her return to the third floor's painting, and return to the puzzle.
  8. Once everything else has been mirrored, interact with the note to tear it off.
  9. Finish by sitting on the chair next to the table on the right.

Once you complete all of these steps, the door on the right will unlock.

Click here for the solution.

This door will lead you to the hall of distractions. Unlike the previous versions, whether or not you have read the note (which now has words missing-thus no longer forming a coherent sentence), you MUST sidetrack to avoid the knife flying at you. The black cat will present at the end of the hall to save your game. You can also read the various notes and diary page at your disposal. Proceed to the next area.


After the passage,you will see another door which is locked. After some time you will discover a large and hungry snake resides in the room. Use the reluctant Frog on the locked room's window. When you attempt to force it in the first time, the Frog will jump out of your hands and hide in the narrow hole of a nearby wall. 

Backtrack to the mirror-imaged room and retrieve the stuffed frog. Push the stuffed frog into the window of the room holding the snake. This will anger the snake, causing it to slam itself into the door and walls. This will open up the hole on the wall where the Frog is hiding. Catch the Frog and force it into the snake's room again. After the snake eats the frog, proceed to the room and the next.  

You will find yourself in a hallway filled with decorative cat statues, one of which (the second to the right) appears to be wobbling uncontrollably. Approach the wobbly cat statue from the side and interact with it, allowing it to topple over before proceeding safely. The black cat is present in the middle of the room, allowing you to save your game. Proceed upstairs to the next floor.  

The Witch's House Floor Four: Eye Puzzles


You will be led to a room with three faces drawn on the wall. Unlike the other versions, all three faces have open eyes. Attempting to solve this puzzle via the typical route (entering the hidden mouth between the two faces on the right) will lead to a game over. In order to proceed, you must check the wall opposite to the face in the middle. The flavor text description will indicate that there is a face drawn on that wall with an open eye and a closed eye. Enter this mouth door to proceed.

You will be led to a dark passageway leading to the main area of the fourth floor, which leads to three different rooms. Find the black cat and save your game.Go to the top room. You will see a piano and a large vase of flowers containing the head of a red-haired woman with no eyes. Interact with the shiny at the top bookshelf and read the paper. It will read that four women had their eyes taken and hints at their location. This indicates that, in order to proceed to the next floor, you must find these eyes and return them to their respective owners. Interact with the bookshelf on the left of the shiny and read the Eye Studies book to learn which colored eyes go with which colored-haired woman.

Here is the answer sheet to the puzzle from the Normal mode.


The note says that the brown eyes are found in a red box.

Exit the piano room and go to the room on the left with the music box. There will be a second door to another room on the left side. Enter it and interact with the jack-in-the-box until it falls off of its box. Search the now-bloodied box to retrieve the Brown Eyes. Return to the piano room and insert the Brown Eyes into the red-haired woman's sockets. You will be rewarded with the Soldier Key.


The note says that the blue eyes are found in something rotten.

Return to the room with the music box and use the soldier key to play it. Exit the room to find the toy soldier pointing its gun at you, without firing it. Return to the room and retrieve the soldier key from the music box and use it on the soldier's back. Interact with the soldier's back again and you will be given the option to wind the key left or right. Winding left will cause the soldier to shift in position, while winding right will make the soldier fire his gun. Wind left twice in order to make the soldier point his gun at the door on the right, which is locked, before firing at it. This will break the door and allow you to enter the eastern room.

You will be lead to a room with four paintings, only one of which contains a black-haired eyeless woman, with a note on the wall reading " BLUE EYES ... ... SCORE." The head of a silver-haired eyeless woman can also be found sitting at the table in the middle (where a single teacup lies). There are also three rotten pumpkins laying on the floor. Interact with the pumpkins and hit all three of them. The last one will drop a piece of paper that hints that the eyes are below an unlit lamp. Return to the jack-in-the-box room and interact with the unlit lamp on the desk and read the piece of paper, which will tell you to search the white receptacle. Return to the pumpkin room and interact with the tea cup to receive your next hint to search a black box. Go to the northern room and interact with the piano. You will be told to search a rotten head. Return to pumpkin with the note to receive the Blue Eyes. Give the Blue Eyes to the woman with black hair.


The note says that the red eyes are found with an unseen individual.

Interact with the wall opposite to black-haired woman to find a white sheet stuck in the crack. The toy soldier will burst into the room and give chase. Quickly loop around the table, avoiding any pumpkins (as they will slow you down), and escape into the music box room to lose it. When you return to the pumpkin room, you will find that the white sheet has disappeared into the crack on the wall, which seems to lead into a damp and foul-smelling area.

Backtrack to the third floor's snake room and enter the fissure on the wall, which will lead into a crawlspace. Interact with the skeleton pile at the end of the passage to get the White Paper and head back. The snake will give chase along the way. Return to the piano room and place the white paper on the piano. DO NOT play the piano with or without music sheet. When the piano begins playing on its own, you will start to catch glimpses of invisible people periodically sitting on the chairs in the room. Behind the piano there are three chairs. Wait for an invisible person to show up on the middle one, then interact with them as fast as you can before they disappear. They will give you the Red Eyes. Go back to the pumpkin room and place the Red Eyes in the white haired head. This will unlock the door to the north.


Note: Due to spoilers, this section will be a little less elaborate.

The note says that the green eyes are found in XXX (it's smeared out).

Enter the door north of the pumpkin room. You will be taken to a room with two portraits: on your left is the portrait of a woman with light brown hair, and on your right is the portrait of a man with light purple hair. Interact with the note in the middle. You will be asked a series of questions regarding the Witch's past. Answer by interacting with the correct painting and nodding at it. When asked who brought her to the Witch's House, interact with the door. Answer the final question (correctly or incorrectly), and the left painting will drop the Green Eyes. Return to the music box room and hold up the Green Eyes in front of the mirror. This will unlock the door north to the piano room, allowing you to proceed.

Path to the Fifth Floor: Backtracking and Finding the Ring

You will be lead to a room where the statue of a woman resides. DO NOT proceed to the room on the right. Talk to the Woman Statue and she will lament the loss of her ring. Return to the piano room and search the fireplace to reveal a ladder. Climb down, and you will be led to the first floor's dining room. Follow the black arrows. Go inside the kitchen. You cannot go upstairs. Enter the northern door into the skeleton room. There will be an invisible person sitting on the left bone pile. Talk to them. They will scream, which will alert the Cook and start a timer. Walk to the right pile and hide in it. Select "Not Yet" two times, after which proceed as usual.

Go to the skeleton at the west and receive the gold chopsticks. Go back to the kitchen and interact with the pot on the stove. Stop the fire and remove the lid. Search the pot using the gold chopsticks. You will obtain the Pig Ring. Go back to the skeleton room and return the gold chopsticks to the skeleton's RIBS. When returning to the kitchen, the black cat will be there to save your game. When you return to the dining room, you will "hear someone coming down the stairs". A 5-second timer will start. Promptly go up the fireplace before the timer ends. In this mode, the timer scene is made more difficult. **You have the option to jump on the table. **

Go back to the woman statue and give her the Pig Ring. You will be allowed to proceed to the door on the right. Go upstairs until you reach the 5th floor.

The Witch's House Fifth Floor


You will be led to a dark hallway decorated with a row of stained glass windows. As you proceed down the hallway, a dark figure will burst out of one of the windows and crawl towards you with incredible speed. Unlike the other versions, the dark figure can actually kill you. Quickly move back to have the house's spirit intervene. Continue down the hallway.

You will enter a room with four coloured pedestals and three dolls. Place each doll on the colour of their pedestal. Some of the pedestals will have radically different colours (yellow and black). Simply interact with those pedestals (when empty) and flip their cloth over.


You will enter a garden that leads to three paths. You will see an Elder Tree which, if you exhaust its dialogue, will warn you to not disturb the keeper of time. The Elder Tree will also add that said keeper of time is making an unbearable racket and that it wishes that someone would "shut him up." There will also be a White Flower sitting under the tree. The Black Cat will be sitting on the bench to save your game. The northern path is blocked by vines, with a note reading "BIRDS EAT GREENERY."

Proceed to the western room. You will find four Yellow Flowers sitting around a table. Talk to the Yellow Flowers to hear their request. They will ask you to X the White Flower in exchange for their white pollen. A large grandfather clock sits at the top of the room, causing the racket mentioned by the Elder Tree earlier. Do not touch the clock. The room also contains a lit candle on the bottom-left, which you cannot take without being scolded by the Yellow Flowers.

Return to the garden and head to the eastern room. Read the "Talkative Plants" book for information on the plants that reside on the fifth floor. This will have no major impact on your progression. Talk to the Red Grasses on the far right and ask them on how to X the White Flower. Each of them will suggest a method. However, in this version, none of those methods will work and will only result in a game over. After you're done talking to the plants, head back and a Bone Bowl will appear on the chair next to "The Talkative Plants" book. Pick it up and head to the skull room on the top-right. You will find that the skull soldier puzzle has already been solved, and that you just need to pull the switch. Upon leaving the room a giant skull will charge at you. Backtracking to the skull room will lead to an instant game over. Simply break the pot in the middle of the hall, and hide in the provided space until the Giant Skull passes.

Return to the jail area and enter the door to the north. You will be met with a large pool of water in which three tadpoles can be found swimming. Avoid interacting with the tadpoles and fill your Bone Bowl with water. Return to the room with the Yellow Flowers and splash grandfather clock with water. Quickly move out of its way as it will topple over. Go back to the main garden and talk to the Elder Tree until you exhaust its dialogue. It will drop a Tree Branch. Pick it up and use it on vines blocking the northern path to retrieve a Green Candle, you need to have the stick to take it, if you try to take the Green Candle twice without the stick the Greenery will behead you. Light the Green Candle using the flame of the candle in the Yellow Flower's room, if you don't have the Green Candle and try to take the normal candle too much the yellow flower will behead you. Go back to the jail area and use the now-lit Green Candle on the bird cage to burn the rope that is holding it shut. After opening the bird cage, lure the bird out using the Green Candle. It will fly to the garden and eat away the vines blocking the northern door, allowing you to enter.

You will be lead to a hallway filled with poison, where you will be given a 15-second timer. Get the Glass Bottle from the northeast corner and use it on the purple river to fill it up with poison. Quickly exit the room before the timer runs out. Use the poison on the White Flower to X her, and talk to the Yellow Flowers to receive their White Pollen.


Return to the jail area and interact with the cell on the right. Behind it is a sickly figure asking for medicine. Give them the White Pollen. This will cause the left jail cell to open up. Enter the left cell and retrieve the Red Shoes. DON'T WEAR THE SHOES. There will be a note in the cell reading "LET THEM BLEED." Exit the cell and return to the room with the pool of water. Use the Red Shoes on the water to wash the good off and obtain Glass Shoes. As you proceed to exit, a Giant Skull will chase you. Run to the hallway on the top-right to lose it, as going back to the northern room will lead to a dead end.


Reenter the poison hallways and head to the purple river. The Glass Shoes will be equipped automatically, allowing you to walk on the poison safely. Run through the poison as best as you can to the northern end of the hall before the 15-second timer runs out. On the way, a Viola corpse will drop from the ceiling. Avoid stepping on it or you will be slowed down. The path will also be riddled with cracks and spike traps, which you must avoid by moving left or right. The final crack on the floor (next to the door at the end of the path) is perfectly safe to walk over. Enter the door and you will be led to safe room, where you can save your game with the Black Cat.

Proceed forward and you will enter a room filled with medical cabinets. A Red Eyeball will patrol the room. Avoid it and interact with the cupboard where the house's spirit was standing to obtain the Cute Little Bottle, which contains medicine that kills the witch's roses in the forest. As you make your way back, a purple Doll's Head will burst in from a nearby window. Take it and quickly escape to the safe room, as more Red Eyeballs will burst into the room to chase you.

Return to the poison hallway, which is now safe to stay in. Walk downwards until you reach a fork in the path and enter the room on the right. You will find the purple Headless Doll. Take it and combine it with the Doll's Head in your inventory to get a full purple Doll. Return to the room with the dolls and place the purple Doll on the purple pedestal. The red pedestal will move and will uncover a hole. Descend.

The Ending Split

After descending, proceed to the pathway. You will see a note that reads "COME TO MY ROOM". Proceed and go upstairs. Keep walking until you find the corpse of the Black Cat in front of the witch's room. Go into the room. You will be in a bloodied room. You cannot go back. Interact with the last diary to progress. The Legless Girl will appear, asking you to return her body, and a chase scene will commence. You will be allowed to save beforehand.

Get out of the room by running CONTINUOUSLY. Beware of moving chairs and breaking tiles. Additionally, blood trails and shattered flower vases will appear on your path. Avoid stepping on them or you will be slowed down. You will be led to the first floor entrance. Depending on the ending you're aiming for, you can either simply get out of the house or return to the closet that said "OPENS WHEN THE HOUSE RETURNS TO NORMAL" to get Ellen's Knife. Additional blood trails will appear on your path should you opt for the latter option.

After getting out, you can claim the second half of the letter from the bush you exactly started in. Use the Cute Little Bottle on the large roses to wipe them out and clear the forest path. Proceed downwards to get your respective ending.

Additional commentary

A no-save run is feasible, but not recommended due to how generally unforgiving the experience is. Moreover, it offers no additional content. When attempting a no-save run it is recommended that you use your only save in the hall of distractions in the third floor, as the poison hallway in the fifth floor tends to randomize the position of its traps.

The 1-hour wait ending still holds in the Extra difficulty mode.

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