Majo no Ie MV

The witch's house MV title screen

The Witch's House MV (魔女の家 MV) is an HD remake of the original freeware title with numerous additions. It was released on October 31st, 2018 by DANGEN Entertainment on Steam. The game has support for Japanese, English, and Korean languages, and will also support traditional Chinese in the future.


  • An updated localization
  • Controller support
  • Three new difficulty modes: Easy, Normal and Extra.
  • Extra is unlocked after reaching the true ending and it has new puzzles along with additional scenes about "her"
  • Completely redone graphics


  • The game was showcased at BitSummit Volume 6.
  • According to Fummy, it took "five times as many hours to create" and that "the world of The Witch's House has been reborn anew".


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