For full walkthrough of the previous version, see: The Witch's House 1.06 Walkthrough

So 1.07 is a little different from 1.06, but I thought this might be helpful for the 1.07 users. You start out in the forest, as you always do in the game. Talk to the cat. He might be helpful. (Sorry if I can't remember more, I'm a little farther [a little meaning a lot] than the starter screen.) You have to move a screen down and there will be a shiny spot. Find the dip in the roses on the left and it should let you walk through it, allowing you to access and acquire a machete. You cannot cut the large patch of roses, but farther along (a screen up or two) there is a small path of roses. Where you find the machete will still be a shiny spot. That is to introduce you to the game. It includes (or mainly consists of) ways to solve and interact with items in the game.


ANYWAYS: You cut the small patch of roses. This leads you to a path where there's a large house and the cat on the stump. From now on the black cat is a save point. Once you enter the house, you'll see a room that you can enter. Enter. Do not step on the blood patch; you will die by squish between the walls. I died several times trying to walk onto the tile to investigate it. That path only leads to death. Walk around the bloody puddle and read the note at the other end of the room. It will say "COME TO MY ROOM" and you are to exit the room you are currently in. Still avoid the bloody tiles. When you leave the room, you will see the black cat beside you. He will ask 'Where did you come from?' and, once you skip conversation, let you save. Go to the witch's room and find a teddy bear in the pile then go back to the teddy room. It will say,"There's no space for the bear because of the limbs." Go to the kitchen and use the chained-scissors to cut the limbs. Then go back to the room and place the teddy bear torso. Once going to the entrance. A vase falls down, awakening the teddy bear demon. Head to the room again immediatly. Only to witness the basket move by a block. Now you have the entrance to the dining room after the kitchen.

That's as far as I remember (I'm almost done with the game) but feel free to add more! I'll update it when I replay this stupid thing.

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