"Cut off with scissors. Bloody and fleshy."


The Bloody Limbs sitting in the sink.

- Inventory description of Teddy Bear Limbs

Teddy Bear Limbs are a key item necessary to progress throughout the story. They result from cutting the Small Teddy Bear's limbs.


Tedy bear limbs

Teddy Bear Limbs when first found in the game

Teddy Bear Limbs are found on the 1st Floor, in the scissors room when the player tries to enter the dining room for the first time, they will drop on the center of the room as the player approaches the door.


Teddybear limbs

Close up picture of the Teddy Bear Limbs on the floor.

Teddy Bear Limbs should be given to The Cook, located in the Kitchen as he is "in need of a hand". There is no need to speak to The Cook, they can be given by simply standing in front of him and selecting them from the inventory, then the option to hand them or do nothing will appear. After doing this The Cook will reward the player with the Silver Key, which should be used to solve the rest of the puzzle.

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