The Teddy Bear (テディベア) is one of the Key Items that Viola will find during her exploration of the Witch's House.


The Teddy Bear is found in the lower right corner of the Present Room on the First Floor.


Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 8.24.42 PM

The Giant Teddy Bear chasing Viola.

On it's own, the Teddy Bear is of little use. If Viola attempts to put it in the basket along with the medium-sized teddy bear, a text will appear below saying that its limbs make it too big to fit. It must be brought to the Scissors Room on the First Floor. Using the Teddy Bear will prompt Viola to either cut off its limbs, or do nothing. Upon cutting off the limbs, the Teddy Bear will be replaced with the Teddy Bear Torso, which will serve as a key in the Teddy Room. The Limbs you also get after being chased by the Giant Teddy Bear is also used later in the game. 

Once Viola places the Teddy Bear Torso in the basket and enters the Entrance Way, a Giant Teddy Bear will chase her for the assumed revenge for cutting off its cub's limbs.


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