The roses are connected to the Witch and her victims.


The roses are scattered all around the Witch's house and around it. First, there were just roses inside of vases in the house, but as more people became victims of the house the amout of roses has grown and taken over.

The Witch connected to the roses, more than just loving them they can controll them and use as a weapon towards visitors. The Witch can make the roses harder than steel and pierce or sufficate their victims. (As read in The Diary of Ellen). Ellen got that ability from the Demon. (The Demon uses twisted magic and since he gives Ellen his magic, she gained that twisted magic.)

The roses is what blocked Viola from going home. The Witch used her magic to move the roses from her garden and instead placed them all around the house creating no way to go back to the village.


  • Violamachete
    When Ellen first saw a rose, she didn't know what kind of flower it was, just that she surprisingly loved them.
  • Inside the Indoor Garden of the house, there are roses surrounding the room.
  • In Extra Mode, if you try to cut down the big rose patch with the machete, the machete will bounce back and stab Viola in the face leading to a Game Over. See picture of it to the Right
  • In the Mirror Room on the 3rd Floor, there's a rose on the table that you have to put back in the vase.
  • If a Witch's Roses are hurt then the witch gets hurt too.
  • Ellen could get writh of her roses by pouring her despair on them.
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