Viola is confronted by a male bust figure.

The Male Bust Statue is a recurring object in the Witch's House game.


The Male Bust Statue is a chiseled head on a pedestal.  The head is always facing forward and had wig chiseled on top of it, resembling the appearance of many 1700's English men.


The Male Bust Statue first appears in the vase of lilies on the 4th floor after completing some of the puzzles.  Only the head is visible.

The statue makes its second appearance when the player gets back to the 1st floor when trying to complete the pig ring puzzle.  Busts will be all around the table where the chairs are affixed.  If Viola attempts to exit through the left side door at the bottom, a male bust will move right behind her.  Viola can push this bust back to get it out of her way. In Extra Difficulty Mode, the bust will crush her instantly.

If before completing this puzzle and Viola decides to go to the dining room through the stairs by going back through the house, the door will still be locked.  Going back up, she will be confronted with a male bust statue and needs to decide to stand still or move out of the way.  If she stands still, the bust will flatten her, crushing her body by stomping on her many times.

The statue makes its last appearance in the Dark Hallway.  There are numerous statues lined up to lead Viola.  Once Viola goes down the last pathway, the nearest bust will move slightly towards her. Once she grabs the jade pipe, the statue will appear almost next to her. Once she gets out of the hallway she had to last entered, the statue will quickly slide up to her. As Viola gets closer to the exit, the statue will follow her, blocking the way back. Viola can hear the bust moving as she gets closer to the exit. Once Viola drops the bottle, she can still hear the statue following her.

The statue is last seen if Viola attempts to reenter the dark hallway.  As she approaches the door, the room will become silent, the yellow flowers will disappear, and a statue will appear, moving behind Viola, before quickly disappearing and everything returning to where it was.

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