Legless Girl

Legless Girl, standard playthrough.

Leglessgirl secret

Legless Girl, no-save playthrough

The Legless Girl is an enemy, considered to be the witch, and the final pursuer within the game. She is encountered in the Witch's Room and starts chasing the player after closing the save option.

Legless Girl

Legless Girl is the witch's body, succumbed to the amputation of her legs and the gouging of her eyes. In addition, she was also given a 'medicine that rendered her unable to speak', under the guise that it would ease the pain of the terminally ill body. This caused her dialogue to be vague and rather incoherent.

However, it is not truly the witch experiencing agony — it is Viola, as Ellen and Viola switched bodies before the game's events.


Given the terminally ill disease coupled with the amputated legs and gouged out eyes, her health is grave. Ellen described it as "falling apart" and that "It wouldn't last long".


In every ending except the "___" Ending , she will continue to chase Viola out of the house. Viola's father appears and she tries to speak, only to be shot to death. As Viola and her father walks away, the Black Cat walks up to the Legless Girl and disappears along with her. This has major importance due to the body-switching of Ellen and Viola revealed later in the True Ending. However, should the player achieve the "___" Ending, where Viola stands still in the starting area for an hour before leaving through the passage previously blocked by the witch's roses, it is heavily implied that Viola, instead of going into the house, waited for Ellen to die from her injuries, causing her magic to disappear.


  • After achieving a no-save run, the Legless Girl's mugshot will be more detailed: her eye sockets are slightly more visible and strings of blood will be dripping along her cheeks.
    • Her dialogue will also be more coherent. (She says things like: "Give it back." "Father." "Daddy." "Daddy, Father, help me.")


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