The Kitchen is a location on the first floor of the house where several occurrences take place that are instrumental to the story.


The Kitchen is a rather small room, containing only a counter, sink, stove, table, and set of shelves. There is, however, another door leading out of the kitchen, and this door leads to the second floor of the house. 

Another door appears mid-late game, and this door leads to the Skeleton Room.


Several things happen in the kitchen.

  • The player must first solve the cook's dilemma by giving him the Teddy Bear Limbs (lending him "a hand, or two"), which gives you the silver key needed to solve the poison puzzle.
  • The player locates the Pig Ring, which allows you to progress from the fourth floor to the fifth floor.

Some smaller events include:

  • Cockroaches pouring from the ceiling if the player tries to fit the silver key from the cook into the door to the second floor
  • Dying when the Cook stabs you if you returned the Gold Chopsticks to the incorrect place

Items and Characters

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