The pair of Glass Shoes is an item necessary to progress in the story. They are found on the 5th Floor of the house.

To obtain the Glass Shoes, the player must first give the Medicinal Pollen and the Jade Pipe to the prisoner in the right cell. After doing this, the cell to the left will open, and the player will find the Red Shoes wrapped in cloth at the back of the cell. This item's inventory description states, "Eerie shoes dyed completely red."

After getting the Red Shoes, the player must then go to the underground river (the one triggered by the Skull Puzzle) and wash off the Red Shoes there. The water will then turn blood-red, and the Tadpoles in the water will die. The player, after this, may pass through the Poison Hall without harm, as long as they reach the end of the hall in time.

Viola automatically equips the Glass Shoes upon wearing them, and they shatter upon reaching the end of the Poison Hallway. However, they are not needed beyond this point, as after you reach the other end of the hallway, leave through the door there, and walk back into the room, the timer indicating the deadly poison filling the room will have disappeared, allowing the player to explore safely.

If the player puts on the Red Shoes without washing them off, Viola will die by spontaneous decapitation, and her body will go skipping merrily off without her head before the 'Game Over' screen appears.

The Glass Shoes' inventory description reads: "Clear glass shoes. Can now walk on poison. (Auto)". The 'auto' at the end refers to the fact that this item is automatically equipped upon obtainment.


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