Giant Teddy Bear
The giant teddy bear's sprite.
biological information
Species Teddy Bear
Gender Unknown
Eye Color Red
Family Small Bear
Medium Bear
Role in Story
In Game Pursuer after Viola cuts off its cub's limbs off.
In the Book N/A
In Game Disappeared
In the Book N/A
The Giant Teddy Bear is the pursuer in the 1st Floor as well as the first one in the game.


The giant teddy bear appears as an overgrown brown plush bear with red eyes and a smiling complexion.  

In Game

Once Viola places the Teddy Bear Torso in the basket and exits the room, the giant teddy bear will appear coming from the room to the left and will start jumping after her assumed for revenge cutting off its cub's limbs. If it gets to Viola, it will sit on her, crushing her to death. If the teddy bear does crush Viola, it's seen that its eyes move downwards looking down at her. In Extra Mode, the Giant Teddy Bear is much faster, and it will follow you into the Clock Hallway. To escape it, you must run to the Present Room, as entering the Teddy Bear Room will result in a game over.



  • Teddy bear strategy

    Initial path of the strategy.

    It is actually possible to outrun the Giant Teddy Bear by going into the Scissors Room. The strategy is to stand close the the lower walls of the entry way as you make your way towards the Scissors Room. When the bear attacks, it will be lured to the lower side of the room, giving the player enough space to run to the left. 
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