The Frog's sprites, front and side.
biological information
Species Amphibian
Gender Male (Referred as father from the Tadpoles)
Family Tadpoles
Enemies The Snake


Role in Story
In Game Used to activate lever on the third floor; key item for the mirrored room; sacrifice to the snake for Viola to progress.
In the Book N/A
In Game Dead, eaten by a large snake.
In the Book N/A
The Frog (カエル Kaeru) is a small amphibian that follows Viola if she nods to him. He's found in the Frog Room on the 3rd Floor. His inventory description reads, "A lost frog, searching for his home". 


The first puzzle, that is solved with the frog, involves having it cross a narrow bridge in the 3rd Floor Hallway to flip a switch. Later, the player has to sit the frog down on a chair to make a mirror image in the Mirror Room. Finally, the player is forced to feed the frog to a hungry, giant snake to get to the next room.

In Extra Difficulty Mode, when the player tries to feed the frog to the snake, the frog will jump out of Viola's hands and hide in a narrow hole in the wall. The only way to get him out is to insert the stuffed frog from the Mirror Room into the Snake Room, which will cause the snake to ram the walls and break off part of the wall, then Viola can catch the frog and force it into the window.


The Frog in-game

When you leave the Snake Room, you may see what some players call 'The Ghost of the Frog.' If you go back into the room with the 'ghost' before going to the Mouth Hallway, the floor suddenly changes into what may be an image of intestines. This effect does not harm you. Viola will simply walk over it as if it was normal flooring, and only appears the single time you reenter that room.


What is seen after you return to the Snake Room after killing the Frog.

If you return to the Frog Room upon sacrificing the frog, the pool will be solid black in color. If you go in front of the note, a large right hand will emerge from the pool and crush Viola to death.


Tadpoles are heavily implied to be Frog's kin. They will claim their father was eaten by a snake; on their third response, they claim that you killed him, and consequently drown you in the water.

When you wash the Red Shoes, they will die.


  • When you initially read the description of the stuffed frog it says that its a stuffed frog tightly affixed to the chair. However, if you read the description after killing the frog it changes to "The stuffed frog is staring at you."


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