There are 5 types o flowers in The Witch's House, Yellow flowers, Beautiful White flower, Red Grass, Roses and Decoration flowers.

Yellow Flowers

The yellow flowers are found drinking tea and eating cake by a table on the 5th Floor. They are talking about how they hate the Beautiful White Flower and want her dead.

The yellow flowers produce a white pollen, you need that pollen to continue on with the game. To get the pollen you need to do the Yellow Flowers quest, to X the Beautiful White Flower.

In Extra Mode, one of the yellow flowers has a candle you need fire from to proceed in the game. If you touch her candle too much she will kill you though.


Once the garden has turned red, if you enter the room with the yellow flowers you will see that they all have been eaten by the clock. The clock is chewing on them. If you insepct the clock, it will fall.

Beautiful White Flower

The beautiful white flower is found infront of the Elder Tree on the 5th Floor. If you talk to her she will ask "How do you do?".

The Beautiful White Flower is the most beautiful flower in the garden and when water touches their leaves they oddly glow. You need the petals and water to enter the Dark Maze to get the Jade Pipe. You need to X the Beautiful White Flower to get the pollen from the Yellow Flowers and her petals.

To kill the flower you need to speak to the Red Grass to found out how to kill her proparly without dying. The proper way is to Pluck her.

In Extra Mode there is no petals from her, you just need to kill her for the pollen. The proper ways to kill a flower in Extra mode isn't by plucking it, it is instead to pour poison on it.

Red Grass

The red grass are on the 5th Floor by the jailcells. They are wispering to eachother.

The Red Grass is very wise but are always lying. You need to talk to the red grass to find out the proper way to X a flower.

  • One says "You want to know how to X a flower?" "None of the three ways are proper. You should just give up on it."
  • Another one says "I forget what the proper way to X is... It was either cutting it or Uprooting it."
  • The last one says "Uprooting and Plucking are both proper ways to X."

The proper way is to Pluck it. Once you have X the flower they wil continue just wispering to eachother.

In Extra mode, one says "Uprooting", one says "Plucking" and one says "Cutting", none of them are correct though. The only reason for you to talk to them is to make the Bone Bowl appear on the chair by the book.


Once the garden has turned red and you go to the red grass you will see that they all have hanged themself. If you inspect them one will fall down and move a little bit.

The Talkative Plants

A book about the Yellow Flowers, the Beautiful White Flower and the Red Grass:

The flower ladies are beautiful, and can speak. These are their characteristics.

The white flowers are most beautiful in the garden. When touched by rain, oddly, their petals glow.

The red grasses are knowledgable. But they're always lying, so be careful when conversing to them.

The yellow flowers are lovely to a fault. The pollen produced by these flowers is a strong medicince that can kill or give life.

- - -

In Extra Mode, the Beautiful White Flower, Red grass and Yellow flowers looks like humans with the colour of their flower.


The roses are found here and there in The Witch's House.

There's the big roses that are covering the path to leave The Witch's House. Then the smaller ones that you cut down with the machete. Some roses are decoration and, such as in the Witch's House indoor garden on the 5th floor. There is also 2 roses in the Mirror room on the 3rd floor. You have to put 1 rose in the vase of roses that has the least amout of roses.

Decoration Flowers

They are found here and there in The Witch's House. They are for decorating the House.

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