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"I thought I heard, from somewhere, the laughter of an innocent girl who was not me."
―Ellen, regarding her predecessor

Ellen's Predecessor was the previous owner of the Witch's House. She was the Black Cat 's contractor before Ellen's arrival.

After having her wish granted, she became a part of the spell that summons the House and watches over Ellen during her reign and throughout the game's story.  

She is the one who gives the house life and its own will. 


"…Can I eat it?"
―The House to Ellen, regarding her first victim.

According to the Black Cat, Ellen's predecessor was a very sadistic individual. Although she had no desire to do so at first, she was taken by the ecstasy of killing people and couldn't part from it, much to her familiar's disdain. She was very fond of the house and wished to remain in it forever, leading to her becoming part of the spell that summons it.  

She was hinted to have unusual meals. The Cook notes that she wouldn't have minded drinking the green-colored soup. She also shared Ellen's love for flowers, notably the roses scattered around the Witch's House. 

As the House, she is very fond of Ellen and is protective of her, as example leaving notes to guide Ellen even after she switched bodies with Viola. She also retains her sadistic streak, devouring the bodies of Ellen's victims.


Very little is known about Ellen's predecessor as she is rarely mentioned in the story.

The third chapter of the novel reveals that she was brought in to the Witch's House after making a contract with the same demon. At some point throughout her reign, she presumably killed a certain human whose spirit later took residence in the house and served as her personal cook. The Demon notes that, like Ellen, she initially disliked the idea of killing others with the house. However, she eventually developed an uncontrollable blood-lust that instilled disgust and discomfort even in her own familiar. 

After gathering enough souls, her wish was granted and her pact with the demon came to an end. She wished to remain in the Witch's House forever and thus became the spell that summons it. Her spirit remains to this day infused with the house, giving it life and a mind of its own.

Role in the story

She's following Ellen around when Ellen entered the house to get the cute bottle. She leaves notes and hints to help Ellen. When a Black Creature appeared and tried to kill Ellen, she stopped the creature from doing such an act.