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"My sickness was going to kill me. So… I took her body from her. I lived on in her body. That's fine, right? Because we're "friends"."
―A passage from Ellen's diary regarding Viola
biological information
Age 200+ (Soul; resourcely estimated)
7 (physically) [ June 13 ]
Species Witch (Formerly Human)
Gender Female
physical attributes
Eye Color Gold[2]
Hair Color Violet
Relatives Unnamed Deceased Parents

Ellen (エレン, Eren) is the eponymous Witch of The Witch's House and the titular protagonist of The Diary of Ellen novella.

Originally from the slums of a medieval time, Ellen was claimed to be born with a curse from the sins of her ancestors; taking the form of an incurable, terminal illness which caused her to be shunned by society. Being part of an increasingly dysfunctional family, she was strongly attached to her mother while she desperately sought her father’s affection. After an incident involving burying a black cat and subsequently failing to keep her family together, Ellen killed her mother for apparently abandoning her as well as her father for ignoring her to the bitter end, orphaning herself and inadvertently burning her own house in the process.

Having nowhere to go, Ellen opted to pass away in a dark alley outside her former home, the Demon offered her a contract which she accepted, unaware of what she got herself into as well as ignorantly accepting her sickness to be cured in the process. Upon realization that it still progressed inside of her, that she had been deceived and lied to, Ellen was reborn as a Witch. With this notion, she callously murdered various individuals, mostly children around her age, with the ultimate intention of finding a spell to cure her illness.

In the end, she was given a body-switching spell, instead, befriending Viola in the process with the intention of stealing her body under the false promise that it would be "just for a day" while she was in her deathbed, ultimately staying within the unfortunate girl’s body while leaving her to die in her former one.

In the True Ending, it is revealed that Ellen was, in fact, inside Viola's body the entire time, that she was the player character within Viola's body while the real Viola attempted to use the very magic Ellen used on her to trap her within her own house.


Ellen is a seven-year-old fair-skinned girl with wavy waist-length purple hair that is always tied with a large red bow in the back with bangs hanging over her forehead and gold eyes; traits that she inherited from her father.

She wears a red dress on top of a white button-up shirt with a black ribbon tied around her neck and she is always seen barefoot.

When she lived in the slums with her parents, Ellen wore a short-sleeved frilly white dress and had bandages wrapped around her calves and face where, due to her illness, her skin festered. She was also noticeably pale and thin.


Ever since birth, Ellen was always scorned that she was avoided by the public because of her illness and even her own father never spoke a single word to her. Living in the slums, Ellen was strongly attached to her mother who views her as the only person to show her love and kindness and felt very insecure at the thought of losing that only source of "love". As a result, she would do anything out of desperation to maintain it, such as forcing herself to stay home and become more independent and productive in order not to be considered a burden to her family. In spite of their apparent closeness, it is heavily hinted that Ellen suffered from an Electra complex, as shown when she expressed animosity towards her mother because she was the only one who received any form of attention from her father. Upon discovering that her mother abandoned her, Ellen killed her in a fit of rage and despair (later killing her father, who refused to let go of his wife or take notice of his daughter until the bitter end) and quickly developed a strong inferiority complex, believing that she will never be loved because of her illness. That's why finding a cure eventually became her ultimate goal.

Upon becoming a Witch, Ellen’s personality takes on a much darker turn where she becomes a cold, cruel and ruthless individual who, with no apparent remorse, would cause the deaths of others even in the most brutal ways to stay alive and achieve her goal. Her cruelty is exemplified by her amusement at Viola's misfortune at her hands. She kneels down, in the true ending, saying: "I'll show him Viola's share of love, and I'll take her share of love, too!" She then giggles at the end of the story, after Viola is killed by her father. Another demonstration of her cruelty is in her previously mentioned disregard for others' lives. This is shown by her casual use of a frog to assist her past a section of the house. This section of the game cannot be completed without being killed by the snake, so it forces the player to feed the frog to the snake, despite its trusting and friendly demeanor. In spite of her cruel streak, Ellen isn't particularly sadistic nor is she truly fond of killing others- claiming to only do so out of survival instinct and compares it to humans killing pigs for self-preservation. She is also not above feeling some degree of regret or disgust towards her own actions during her sick days.


An extreme tragedy leading to the end of Viola's life.

Living in the Witch’s House for centuries, Ellen has managed to develop her literary skills and eloquence. Viola notes that she is very intelligent for someone with the stature and mind of a 7-year-old, as she is able to read several complex books and encyclopedias. Ellen also does retain some child-like traits, preferring to guzzle down tea and pastries because she had little to no interest in having proper meals.


Ellen's diary entries tell of her parents not loving her, and that she was so ill, that no one played with her. Ever since then, she had been living inside the house. The demon (the cat) ate the souls of both of her parents after she killed them with a knife, and proceeded to burn her home and guide her to the forest. It gave Ellen the house. She made a contract with the demon and became a witch. The demon told her that "if you let me eat more people, I'll teach you a spell to cure your illness." (A letter shows that Viola's father knows of a witch in the forest, making a possibility that she had already trapped so many people in the house, that it is known even from the outside.)

The next diary entry says that her friends came into her house, and the house ate them all, but it wasn't enough.

Then Viola entered her house and became "friends" with her out of sympathy for Ellen's condition. One day, Ellen asked for a favor of Viola: to switch bodies, "Just for a day." Viola foolishly agreed to do so and was shocked to realize that Ellen's body was falling apart; before the switch, Ellen had gouged her eyes out and cut her legs off. Due to the pain of both the illness and the fresh injuries, Viola screams in agony in her new-found body. Unable to bear her own screams, Ellen gave her medicine to "soothe the pain", but it was a throat burning medicine that left Viola unable to speak (which is why Viola only gurgled throughout the game). Thus, Ellen had rendered Viola helpless so that she could not get her body back.

Ellen proceeded to leave the house but discovered that she was blocked by roses created by Viola using the witch's own magic. (This is the beginning of the game.) So, knowing that there would be "medicine" to kill the roses, Ellen goes back inside the house to acquire it.

In the end (no matter which end), Ellen successfully leaves with Viola's father, and the real Viola (in Ellen's body) is killed by her own father (except in the "___" ending).

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Astral projection (referred to as "Magic Viewing" or "Magical Sight," in the novel and manga respectively): By closing her eyes, Ellen is able to mentally project herself in any area that rests within the entire forest's range. As Ellen is forbidden to leave the Witch's House in her original body, she uses this ability to view the forest in her mind, at any possible angle, as if she were truly present. This ability allowed her to watch over the forest for wandering children and adults.
  • Control over the Witch's House: The form of the Witch's House changes upon Ellen's command.
  • Control over the forest: As a Witch, Ellen had complete control over the forest. She can use the forest's wildlife (both fauna and flora alike) against others. She is also able to clear and block certain paths in order to lure humans to her home or prevent them from reaching her domain.
  • Illusions: Having made a pact with a demon who specializes in illusions, Ellen herself is also able to use illusion magic to a certain extent in order to bring fear to her victims and please the Demon with more savory souls.
  • Immortality: Upon becoming a Witch, Ellen was granted immortality. As a result, she did not age; which allowed her to live for centuries while maintaining her 7-year-old body. As noted by the Black Cat, because she's a Witch, even the effects of her illness (albeit still progressing to a gruesome level) wouldn't kill her. Though her immortality can only go to an extent before having to be resurrected again. She has been killed by a warrior with an enchanted sword after "inviting" him to her room; where she was bested, pierced in the heart, thrown out of a window, and subsequently decapitated, killing her near instantly.
  • Spiritual awareness: As a Witch, Ellen is able to see the spirits of her deceased victims residing in the Witch's House.
  • Clairvoyance: Tying into her ability of Astral Projection, Ellen can see any and all objects within the range of the forest.
  • Self-resurection: So long as her contract with The Great Demon persists, any and all forms of death will be nullified as The Demon will revert her body to a previous state.
  • "Vessel" Switching: After an eternity of killing "friends", Ellen finally obtained the cure for herself from The Demon, though not as she perceived. Upon the agreement and trust of both parties Ellen can switch her soul with another being. After this process has been completed Ellen will lose all magic due to it remaining in her true body; aside from Self-resurrection.
  • Heart Peering: Though to a much lesser degree than The Demon, Ellen can subtly peer into another's mind and heart as shown when she predicted many of Viola's thoughts. This does not work on the Black Cat.
  • Several unnamed spells: Ellen is able to "purchase" spells from her Demon in exchange for souls.


  • Viola - Ellen became friends with Viola and tricked her to switch bodies with her. She doesn't hate her because she was the one who gave her own body. However, Ellen doesn't really like her enough to care about her not dying.
  • Black Cat - The cat is the demon who made a deal with Ellen in exchange for letting him eat more people. He's the one who led her to the "Witch's House." Her relationship with him appears to be very complicated. While she was initially on fairly good terms with the Demon, she eventually became rather cold towards him upon discovering the true nature of the house and himself, and, much to the Demon's dismay, Ellen developed a habit of ignoring him. She also used him as a test subject for new spells, such as dropping him in the poisonous purple river (in the Poison Hallway on the 5th Floor) in order to test the spell's effects; or to simply vent off her frustration, which often results in the destruction of his host bodies. Regardless, she does turn to him for advice and information regarding the House, witches, and demons. Being the only individual she ever really spoken to throughout her centuries of living in the Witch's House, the two have developed a form of mutual understanding and closeness to a certain extent. The Demon was also the one to teach Ellen how to read and write, which contributed to her extraordinary literary skills.
  • Ellen's Mother - WIP
  • Ellen's Father - WIP


  • The name Ellen means "light" in Greek.


  • According to one of the documents in the library within the game, Ellen was only seven years of age when she stabbed her parents to death and made a contract with the Black Cat to become a Witch.
  • An indication of religion is mentioned in the same chapter as Ellen did pray when she buried the Black Cat's corpse, possibly Christianity.
  • After Viola (in Ellen's body) is shot to death, Ellen (in Viola's body) giggles before rushing off with her new 'daddy'.






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