The Bloody Skull is the 2nd Floor's pursuer who appears in the glass display room.


The Bloody skull appears as a fairly huge skull covered in blood.

Game information

Once the player enters the room and interacts with the left side of the glass case containing the Blue Butterfly Model, a descriptive text below will appear and say that the case contains what looks like a human head and that it appears to have opened its eyes to look at you. If Viola then moves towards the book shelf, she will hear the glass case cracking slightly. In Extra Mode, if the cracked glass is examined, the skull will burst through the case and kill Viola.

When Viola places the Book of Death in the single bookshelf in the glass display room, the sound of something rolling will be heard once she steps in front of the painting with her parasol. Once she proceeds to the hall upwards, the skull will then chase after her as it makes loud dragging sound as it moves across the floor. If it manages to come in contact with Viola, it will jump on her head repeatedly until she dies.

In Extra Mode, when Viola leaves the the hidden room after putting the Book of Death in the bookshelf filled with red books, the skull will chase after her. If Viola runs in front of the bookshelf filled with blue books, the shelf will crush her and the skull will bounce up and down, as if it's laughing.

If Viola runs around the bookshelf and gets the skull to move in front of it, the shelf will fall on top of the skull, giving the player time to escape. Unforunately, the player won't be able to get the Butterfly model, as the skull will eventually break free and will start chasing Viola at a much faster pace.

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