Black Creature in-game

The Black Creature is an enemy that the player encounters when they walk through the hallway past the statue. It poses no threat however as an afterimage of Ellen will protect Viola from the Black Creature. In Extra Difficulty Mode it is much more of a threat as it can actually kill Viola. In order to prevent the creature from attacking, the player must simply walk into the light from the window to the right of Viola, then the afterimage of Ellen will appear.


It is entirely black, except for part of its face, and it appears to have no legs. This may represent Viola in Ellen's body attempting to get her body back, but her house protects her from such an act and allows her to go on and escape. Another theory is that this creature is a stray bit of Ellen's magic run amok and that Viola in Ellen's body protects Ellen from the Black Creature to ensure that her body isn't damaged if/when they trade bodies back.