Black Cat
biological information
Age Undetermined
Species Cat
Gender Male
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Raven
Role in Story
In Game Used as the game's save point; revives the player after encountering a "Game Over" screen
"By the way, this is a witch's house, but you already knew that, right?"
―The Black Cat

The Black Cat (黒猫, Kuroneko), is an unnamed talking cat to whom Viola talks in order to save the game. The Cat will follow you throughout the game, allowing you to save your progress in case anything were to happen. If the game is completed without saves, you get a Secret Ending. The ending itself does not change anything story-wise, but it gives you far more information than the other two endings, revealing and explaining more backstory. It officially reveals that the cat was actually a demon with whom Ellen had a contract, from which her powers originated. In exchange for more souls, I will tell you a spell that cures your sickness. The cat holds a contract with Ellen, and this is further explained in the novel.


The Black Cat seems perpetually neutral about the abnormal situation in which the player participates. He sometimes cracks jokes, mentioning that he's following the player "for laughs". He also seems genuinely worried about the player sometimes, telling them it wasn't a smart idea to come into the house. In the Diary of Ellen, his voice is described to be that of a young boy.


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