You are able to Backtrack many times in The Witch's House. Doing so you can see events and/or secrets.

Library Backtrack

If you backtrack to the Library you will see that theres more books than before, it tells you more about the Witch and The Witch's House.

Spider Backtrack

If you backtrack and try to enter the Barrel Room you will just get an instant death, a Game Over, the spider eats you.

Shadow hand

After you have killed the Frog and go back to where you got him you will see that theres just a big black hole where the water were and the note on the wall has turned black. If you try to read the note a big black shadow hand will appear and crush you leading to a Game Over.

The Garden

In the Garden, once everything has turned red you can go around in many places,

  • In the room where the yellow flowers were you will see that the flowers have been eating and the clock will chew on one of them. In Extra mode the yellow flowers will just be dead
  • The jailcells will be all bloody
  • The red grass will have hanged themselves.
  • If you try to enter the skeleton room, 2 big skulls from each side will appear and kill you. In Extra mode a big skull will just appear right away just trying to enter the room.

Dark Maze

If you try to re-enter the dark maze then everything around you will turn red and you will see the Male Bust Statue comming towards you from behind. Then everything will turn normal.


People think that it is that Viola got too scared to enter again or that she don't need to enter it again.

Waving Goodbye

After you escaped the house, if you try to "enter" it again you will see The House waving goodbye to you, then the house will fall apart.

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